Tours of County Facilities

Civic, homeowners, church and school groups are encouraged to visit County offices and facilities by coordinating tours through the Department of Community Affairs and Innovative Programs. To arrange a tour, please call 770-278-7050 or email

Among the most popular field trip destinations:

Randy Poynter Lake and Jack Turner Dam
Construction of the 650-acre drinking water reservoir was completed in early 1998. Groups will be guided by staff who provide a brief history of the project and answer questions about current and future recreational opportunities at the reservoir, the water filtration facility and other related topics of interest.

Quigg Branch Wastewater Treatment Plant
This state-of-the-art facility is the community’s newest wastewater treatment facility. It has a current treatment capacity of 6 million gallons per day (mgd). Visitors are given a walk-through tour and a detailed explanation on how wastewater is treated prior to being discharged into the Yellow River.

County Courthouse
The Rockdale County Courthouse houses nearly all court-related services for the community, including Superior and State Courts, the District Attorney’s offices, Probate Court and Juvenile Court.

Additionally, groups visiting the courthouse will be given a tour of the Board of Commissioners’ offices and the Rockdale 23 studio.

Rockdale County Jail
Sheriff Eric J. Levett and his deputies welcome visitors who are interested in going on a guided tour through the jail’s administrative offices and incarceration facility.