Transportation Planning & Links

Transportation Planning Meetings:
Rockdale County participates as a member of the Atlanta Region Commission (ARC) and representatives meet on a monthly basis via the Transportation Coordinating Committee. The ARC is in the process of developing an update of the Atlanta Area Transportation Plan (RTP) and TIP to be in conformity with the Federal Clean Air Act. Until the plan is found to be in conformity with the Clean Air Act, no new regionally significant projects that add capacity can be approved. The plan has to be approved by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA).

The County also coordinates with the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT), and other counties and cities within the Atlanta Metro Area when planning cross jurisdiction transportation facilities.

Transportation Improvement Program (TIP):
The TIP is a short range (three year) listing of Federally-funded projects in the Atlanta Metro area. Rockdale County works with the GDOT and the ARC on the Rockdale County projects in the TIP, which is updated every year.

Regional Transportation Plan (RTP):
The RTP is a long-range (20 years) plan of projects in the Atlanta Metro area. The RTP is currently being updated to be in conformity with the Federal Clean Air Act.

Alternative Modes of Transportation:
Rockdale County along with ARC and the City of Conyers encourage citizens to utilize alternate modes of transportation. The Park-N-Ride Lots located on Sigman Road and Iris Drive at the Church in the Now are open for use. Please visit the Xpress Bus Service page for more information on alternative transportation.

Bikeways and Sidewalks:
The County has developed an overall plan for greenway trails, bikeways and sidewalks. The plan is being implemented as funds become available.

Traffic Calming Techniques:
Rockdale County is developing additional tools to reduce speeds in various neighborhoods and subdivisions. The County has in place a Speed Hump Policy. A speed hump district may be established on a street in the county if 85 percent or more of the property owners in the district sign a petition. The Rockdale Department of Transportation then determines if the street(s) are eligible for speed humps based on the established criteria.

ARC – Atlanta Regional Commission
GRTA – Georgia Regional Transportation Authority
GDOT – Georgia Department of Transportation
TIP – Transportation Improvement Program
RTP – Regional Transportation Plan