Rockdale County Citizen’s Government Academy

Rockdale County Citizen’s Government Academy
2022 Class Dates Coming Soon

The Rockdale County Citizen’s Government Academy is a nine-week program designed to offer residents the opportunity to learn about their local government through first-hand exposure to the wide range of government functions, services, activities, challenges and how they can become more involved.

Participants will learn about the relationships between Board of Commissioners, Elected Officials, governmental departments and residents. They will also learn the process for deciding why and how government projects are implemented; how services are provided; how government projects support Board of Commissioner goals; and how the objectives relate to the Rockdale County Envision Rockdale Strategic Plan.  Topics will include the budget process, roles and functions of public safety, environmental stewardship measures, as well as additional responsibilities and functions of the Rockdale County government.

Each class will be conducted by department representatives and will provide both an informational and interactive learning approach.

Citizen’s Government Academy

Join the Chairman, Commissioners, Elected Officials, Department Heads and staff for a learning and networking opportunity. Rockdale County Government is offering its very first inaugural government academy. This is a weekly class designed for Rockdale residents to learn about their local government through first‐hand exposure to the wide range of government functions, services, activities, and issues.

The Citizen’s Government Academy will take place each Thursday evening from 6:00 – 8:30 p.m. and will last nine weeks.

The Citizen’s Government Academy seeks to provide participants with an in-depth overview of local government services, functions, and activities centered around the Chairman and Commissioners’ five focus areas of commitment to the residents of Rockdale County:

  • Infrastructure and Transportation
  • Economic Development
  • Quality of Life
  • Education
  • Social Investment

 Learning Outcomes:

  • Relationships between the Board of Commissioners, Elected Officials, governmental departments and residents
  • The process for deciding why and how government projects are implemented and services are provided
  • How government projects support Chairman and Commission goals and objectives as well as the Rockdale County strategic plan
  • The budget process
  • Roles and functions of public safety
  • Environmental stewardship measures
  • Additional responsibilities and functions of Rockdale County Government

Program Details:
The academy is limited to 20 participants. The Citizen’s Government Academy is open to Rockdale County residents over the age of 18 years old. Applicants that are not serving on a County committee will be given first consideration. Deadline to apply to the Citizen’s Government Academy is TBD or until all available spaces are filled. Applicants must commit to attending all sessions – more than one absence will require missed sessions to be made up during the next scheduled academy to graduate.  Applicants must also attend one Board of Commissioners Public Meeting of their choice as a requirement to graduate.

Meeting Day & Time: Thursday nights, for nine weeks from 6:00-8:30 pm at various locations throughout Rockdale County.

Citizen Engagement Overview

Hosts: Jennifer Rutledge, Executive Legislative Affairs Director/County Clerk, and Sue Sanders, Executive Director General Services

  • Meet the Chairman and Elected Officials
  • Program Overview
  • Purpose of Citizen’s Government Academy
  • History of Rockdale County
  • Role of Elected Officials and Department Heads
  • Form of Government
  • Organizational Overview
  • Ways to get involved in Boards & Committees

Financial Health & Economic Development

Hosts: Vacant, Chief Financial Officer, Will Barkley, Chief Appraiser, and Andrew Hammer, Deputy Director General Services  

  • Overview of Assessment Process/Revenue Base
  • Overview of Budget Process
  • Overview of SPLOST Program

Quality of Life

Part 1:
Hosts: Toni Holmes, Executive Director Talent Management and Jason Redmond, Deputy Director General Services

  • Talent Management Overview
  • Current employment opportunities
  • Overview of Parks & Recreation
  • Service Offerings
  • Tour and History of Costley Mill

Part 2:
Host: Vacant, Director Public Relations and Susan Morgan, Division Manager Senior Services

  • Keep Conyers Rockdale Beautiful
  • Public Outreach/Communications
  • Overview of Senior Center
  • Service Offerings
  • Tour of Senior Center

Public Safety

Host: Marion McDaniel, Fire Chief, Dan Morgan, EMA Director, and Ciji Baker, Division Manager Animal Services

  • Overview of Animal Services
  • Overview of Fire Department
  • Training Exercise
  • Overview of EMA

Watershed & Infrastructure

Part 1:
Derek Bogan, Director Rockdale Water Resources

  • Overview of Rockdale Water Resources
  • Current Projects
  • Tour of Water Treatment Plant

Part 2:
Hosts: Terrance Simpkins, Stormwater Director and John Moretto, Transportation Director

  • Overview and Current Projects of Stormwater
  • Stormwater data and funding
  • Stormwater outreach
  • Overview and Current Projects of Transportation

Economic Development

Hosts: Will Barkley, Economic Development Task Force Leader, and Kalonos Johnson, Planning & Development Director

  • Overview of Economic Development
  • New Business & Building Permits
  • Code Compliance

Court System

Host: Janice Morris, Clerk of Courts

  • History of the Courthouse
  • Overview of Court System
  • Judges Panel

Graduation Event

7 PM – Graduation at Evening Board of Commissioners Meeting

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