Values and Objectives

Rockdale County Courthouse


Rockdale is a perfectly-positioned community with a rock-solid approach dedicated to excellence in customer service, quality of life and global economic development.


Educated Workforce

As the County moves forward and educates its workforce, Rockdale will continue to position itself for emerging job opportunities and markets into the future.

Thriving Businesses

As Rockdale develops innovative ways to become even more business-friendly, the County will continue to retain, expand and attract partners and industry while also providing proactive and meaningful support to foster a positive business climate for ongoing growth and success.

Sustainability – Innovative, Forward Thinking

As the County continues to think outside the box and look forward, it is critically important that Rockdale not only promotes economic growth and stability by supporting existing businesses, targeting new businesses and attracting corporate and regional headquarters, but also takes a holistic approach to community and economic development. The County must track and evaluate customer service practices to advance itself as a community choice for top customer care.

Community – Suitable Quality of Life

It is essential that economic development includes identifying and submitting state and federal grant applications for community development. Rockdale County must continue to encourage and assist with community development projects such as affordable housing, neighborhood stabilization and community home investment programs, as well as mixed-use developments that focus on a combination of live, work, shop and play neighborhood concepts.