Land Disturbance Permits

Per the State of Georgia’s Post Development Stormwater Management Mandate, beginning December 1, 2020, the Department of Stormwater Management will approve or deny all Land Disturbance Permits (LDP) applications. Beginning March 29th, 2021, all applications involving land disturbance and Tertiary Permittee residential lots, must be submitted to the Department of Stormwater Management.

Department of Stormwater Management Contact Information

Customer Service: 770-278-7155
Engineering: 770-278-7120
Plan Review Submittals:

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1495
Conyers, GA 30012

If the application is sent via email, call 770-278-7155 to make the payment with a credit or debit card (Payments must be made 24-48 hours after receipt of the digital application).

Land Disturbance Permit Applications

  • Commercial: New commercial development & re-development
  • Residential: New subdivision (Primary Permittee)
  • Single Family Residence: Residential lot not located within an existing subdivision
  • Tertiary Permittee: Residential lots that are located within an existing subdivision
  • Linear Transportation Projects: Construction projects on traveled ways including but not limited to roads, sidewalks, multi-use paths and trails, and airport runways and taxiways.

Land Disturbance Review Checklist (All Departments)

Runoff Reduction Practicability Policy

All development equal to or greater than 5,000 square feet of proposed impervious surface are required to provide Stormwater management. Per the State of Georgia Mandate, each site must provide 100% Runoff Reduction for the proposed development.

At such time in which the runoff reduction criteria is not achievable, the site must provide runoff reduction to the maximum extent possible, provide the required 80% TSS removal for the 1.2-inch rainfall event and apply for a reduction of the criteria. See link below for all information associated with a decrease of the runoff reduction criteria.

Runoff Reduction Practicability Policy

Linear Transportation Feasibility Program

The feasibility program was developed by Rockdale County to set reasonable criteria for determining when it would be infeasible to implement Stormwater management standards for linear transportation projects being constructed by Rockdale County, other local governments, and State agencies. See link below for all information associated with the linear transportation feasibility program.

Linear Feasibility Program

Fee Schedule (Visa, Mastercard, Discover or Check  payments only)