Applications & Permits


Administrative Applications
Demolition Permit Application
Driveway Application
Sign – Permanent
Sign – Temporary
Small Cell Permit Package
Special Event Permit Application

Accessory Use Affidavit
Citizenship Status
Residential Dwelling Affidavit

Construction Permit Applications
Application Checklist
Builder Residential Accessory Structure Building Permit Checklist
Builder Residential Building Permit Checklist
Commercial Building Permit Checklist
Environmental Health Building Checklist
Environmental Health Site Plan Checklist
Final Plat Checklist
Fire Commercial Plans Checklist
Fire LDP Check List
R-Dot Checklist for Plan Review
Residential Accessory Structure Checklist
Residential Building Permit Checklist
RWR Plan Review Checklist
Sign Checklist
Stormwater LDP Commercial Checklist
Stormwater LDP Residential Checklist

Trade Applications
Electrical Application
HVAC Application
Plumbing Permit Application
Occupation Tax Affidavit
Subcontractor Affidavit

Commercial Applications
R-Dot Checklist for Plan Review
Commercial Building Permit Matrix
Commercial Building Application Cover Sheet 2019
Commercial Building Permit Package
Driveway Application
Temporary Office Trailer Application

Residential Applications
Manufactured Homes
Affidavit for Verifying Legal Status
Cover Sheet for Manufactured Housing Permit Package
Instructions for Manufactured Housing
Manufactured and Industrialized House Application Ii
Pre-Application Inspection Check List

Residential Building New Accessory Application
Residential Building Permit Appl. Matrix2
Residential Building Application Cover Sheet
Residential Construction House Application

Residential Repair Remodel Application
Residential Building Permit Appl. Matrix2
Residential Construction House Application

Planning and Zoning Applications
Rezoning Applications
Administrative Applications
Special Use Permit Application 2021
Special Use Permit Application Instructions 2021
Variance Application 2021
Variance Application Instructions 2021
Zoning Verification Request Application

Future Land Use – Rezoning
Combined Flu Map Amendment and Rezoning Application Instructions 2021
Flu Map Amendment Application 2020
Rezoning Application 2021


Business-Alcohol License Applications
Alcohol Handler App
Alcohol Beverage Handling Permit Bullets
Alcohol Beverage Handling Permit Procedure
Alcohol Handling Permit Application Package
Consent Form for Criminal History
Fingerprint Request Form
Handling Checklist
Privacy Act Statement Signature Block
Privacy Rights Act Signature Block
Prohibited Offences

Alcohol Handler Renewal
Consent Form for Criminal History
Handling Renewal Application -2019

Alcohol New License Application
Application Package
Procedure for Applicant
Sheriff’s Office Schedule for Fingerprinting

Alcohol Renewal
Applicants Renewal Checklist
Background Check Sheriff’s Office Signature Sheet
Consent Form for Criminal History
New Background Check Sheriff’s Office Signature Sheet
O.C.G.A. 50-36-1(E)(2) Affidavit
Privacy Act Statement Signature Block
Privacy Rights Act Signature Block
Procedure for Applicant
Renewal Application – Alcohol Beverage

Business License Applications
Commercial License Application
Commercial License Application 2019

Home Occupation Application
Home Occupation Application 2019
Home Occupation Forms

Non-Profit Applications 09 2019
Affidavit Citizenship Status 09 2019
Printable Non-Profit Application

Business License Checklists
Commercial License Checklist
Home Occupation Checklist
Non-Profit Checklist

Permit Process
Land Disturbance Requirements
LDP Processes
Permit Process

Subdivision-Plat Applications
Fast Track Application
Development Standards Non-Residential UDO Section 214
Development Standards Residential Udo Section 214
Fast Track Final or Revised Final Plat Checklist
Fast Track Plat Application
Signature Blocks

Final Plat Application
As Built Design Certification
Final Plat Checklist
Plat Application
Subdivision-Plat Application