Fire Station Locations

Our firefighters welcome citizens to visit their stations to share a cup of coffee, tour the facilities, or let the kids check out the fire trucks.

Our fire stations are staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, but sometimes when citizens stop by, no one may answer the door because they are out in the community responding to emergencies, conducting pre-fire planning, or catching up on fire service training.

All stations provide blood pressure checks.

Station 1
Address: 1831 Conyers Station Road
Apparatus: Engine, Aerial Platform, Ambulance

Station 2
Address: 4089 Troupe Smith Road, SW
Apparatus: Engine, Ambulance

Station 3
Address: 2450 Old Salem Road, SE
Apparatus: Engine

Station 4
Address: 3601 Union Church Road, SW
Apparatus: Engine, Brush Truck

Station 5
Address: 2100 Hightower Trail, NW
Apparatus: Engine

Station 6
Address: 2681 Hurst Road
Apparatus: Engine, HazMat Response Truck, Air Truck

Station 7 – Headquarters
Address: 1496 Rockbridge Road, NW
Apparatus: Engine, Ambulance
Phone: 770-278-8401

Station 8
Address: 1164 Scott St., SE
Apparatus: Engine, Dive Rescue and Dive Rescue Boat

Station 9
Address: 2009 Walker Road
Apparatus: Engine, Rescue Squad, Reserve Ladder, Brush Truck/Trail Rescue Apparatus