Wedding Ceremonies

We are honored that you and your future spouse are interested in exchanging wedding vows in a courthouse ceremony performed by the Magistrate Court of Rockdale County.

Due to our current COVID-19 public health protocols, our weddings ceremonies are generally performed virtually on ZOOM, allowing for the safety of the wedding couple, your family and guests as well as our court personnel until further notice.

Our wedding ceremonies require a pre-scheduled appointment. Please note that appointment availability is very restricted due to court hearing conflicts and limited judicial resources. Same-day appointments are generally not available.

To schedule a wedding ceremony appointment, please visit:

There is no fee for wedding ceremonies performed during the Court’s regular business hours. Special requests for off-site, after-hours weddings follow a separate procedure and special fee schedule. To make such requests, call (770) 278-7800 for more information.


At least three (3) days before your wedding appointment, you must bring to the Magistrate Court Clerk’s Office, located at 874 North Main Street NW, Conyers, GA 30012:

(1) An original marriage license obtained from a Georgia probate court; and
(2) Valid, government-issued photo identification for each person marrying.

    • All questions about the marriage license issuance procedure must be directed to a probate court that issued or will issue your marriage license.
    • Should you need to cancel or reschedule your wedding ceremony appointment, please do so at your earliest opportunity so that the appointment may be made available to another wedding couple.
    • Your appointment will be automatically cancelled if the wedding couple is not present 10 (ten) minutes after the appointment time.

On Your Wedding Ceremony Date

    • The wedding ceremony normally last about 10 (ten) minutes.
    • Be sure to make all appropriate arrangements for the wedding couple, and any guests, to join and be admitted on ZOOM at least ten (10) minutes prior to your approved appointment time.
    • Your appointment will be automatically cancelled if the wedding couple is not present five (5) minutes after the appointment time due to tight scheduling constraints and to stay on track for all scheduled weddings.
    • Photography and video recording of the wedding ceremony is allowed.

After Your Wedding Ceremony

    • The officiating judge will sign the marriage license and return it to the issuing probate court. A courtesy copy will be mailed to you as well.
    • Please contact the probate court that issued your license to obtain a certified copy of your license and address any other questions or concerns that you have about your license.

Phinia Aten, Chief Magistrate Judge
874 N. Main Street NW, Conyers, Georgia, 30012  (770) 278-7800