Juvenile Court

The Juvenile Court Judge is appointed by the Chief Superior Court Judge.  The Juvenile Court Judge is Maureen Wood. 

Accessing The Virtual Courtoom:
To whom it may concern,

All proceedings in the Juvenile Court of Rockdale County (with the exception of Delinquency Adjudications and CHINS hearings and Termination of Parental Rights Hearings) will be held via the free remote videoconferencing software, Zoom. To access hearings, simply download the Zoom application on a computer, tablet, smart phone, or other compatible device and create a login and password for yourself. At your scheduled hearing time, please login using the following meeting ID

Meeting ID: 3244366693

If you do not have access to join via videoconferencing, you may join using telephone using the above meeting ID and the following call information:

Phone Number: 929-205-6099

The Juvenile Court has a computer in the lobby for any necessary party who is unable to attend the hearing via videoconferencing or teleconference due to a lack of technology (i.e. no smartphone or web camera). If you have a smartphone or web camera, but do not have a stable internet connection, you can access the public Wi-Fi from the Courthouse parking lot or in the surrounding Olde Town Conyers. Due to the continued rise of COVID-19 infections in the community and throughout the state and the ongoing public health concern, until further notice, members of the bar, court employees, and members of the public are encouraged to attend juvenile court proceedings via remote conferencing.

If a party unexpectedly experiences technical difficulties during the hearing, they should immediately disconnect and log back into the hearing using the above meeting ID. The hearing will suspend to give parties the opportunity to rejoin. Intentional disconnections from the hearing will be noted on the record and the hearing will continue. If using a mobile device, please ensure the device is charged or connected to power.

Hearings begin promptly at the scheduled time. When you enter the hearing, please use the mute feature on the application. This will allow everyone to hear the person who is speaking. The Judge will give each legal party an opportunity to speak. If you are not a legal party, you will only be able to participate in the hearing if called as a witness or the Judge addresses you. Participants should not place the call on hold while participating in the hearing (to avoid hold music or other noises playing on the call). When you enter the hearing using videoconferencing, please ensure that you are dressed appropriately for Court. This is a formal court proceeding and all parties are expected to conduct themselves as they would while inside the physical courtroom.

Upon joining the hearing, all participants will enter a virtual “waiting room” and will remain there until the hearing begins. Please be aware, the Court may have more than one hearing scheduled at a time, therefore, you may have to wait while another child’s hearing is conducted.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of the Juvenile Court Clerk at 770-278-7761.

Mission Statement: 
The Rockdale County Juvenile Court has as its mission to provide judicial decisions, safety, support, and guidance services to children and families who come into contact with the court so they can become productive members of our community.

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