Election Day Voting

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Unsure if you’re eligible to vote in an election? Contact the Board of Elections Office and the staff will be happy to assist you in determining your eligibility.


Election Day Voting Schedule

Polls open at 7:00 a.m.
Polls close at 7:00 p.m.

If a voter is in line at the polling place when the polls close, the voter will be permitted to cast a ballot. When voters arrive at the polling location, he/she will complete a voter’s certificate, which asks for name and residence address.  Voter’s will then be asked to present the certificate and proper identification to the poll officials who will verify the voter is a registered voter in that precinct by checking the voters list for that precinct. Voters are required to present identification at their polling place prior to casting their ballot.

Showing identification at the polling place is now required. Please present one of the following:

  • Valid Georgia drivers license (even if expired)
  • Valid U.S. passport ID
  • Valid U.S. military photo ID
  • Valid tribal photo ID
  • Valid employee photo ID from any branch, department, agency or entity of the U.S. government, Georgia government, or any county, municipality, board, authority or other entity of the State of Georgia
  • Any valid state or federal government issued photo ID, including a free Voter ID card, issued by the County Registrar’s Office or the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS).

If a citizen does not have one of the above acceptable forms of photo ID, the State of Georgia offers a free Voter Identification Card.  An ID card can be issued at the Department of Driver services Office free of charge.

To receive a Voter ID card, the voter must provide:

  • A photo identity document or approved non-photo identity document that includes full legal name and date of birth
  • Documentation showing the voter’s date of birth
  • Evidence that the applicant is a registered voter
  • Documentation showing the applicant’s name and residential address.

For more information, visit the Secretary of State website at http://sos.ga.gov.

A first time registrant by mail may also provide one of the following additional forms of identification: a copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck or other government document that shows the name and address of the elector.

If the elector is a first time registrant by mail who did not provide one of the acceptable forms of ID at the time of registration this voter must show proper identification. If the elector is unable to show identification at the time of voting they may vote a provisional ballot, which will be counted only if the voter presents identification within the two-day period following the election.

On Election Day, All Voters must appear at his/her assigned Election Day Polling Place to Vote.  If a voter chooses to cast his/her ballot on Election Day at a different precinct other than the one in which he/she is assigned, the following new law determine whether or not your provisional ballot will count.


OUT OF PRECINCT PROVISIONAL VOTERS ON ELECTION DAY – 21-2-418  Provisional Ballots Cast by Out of Precinct (OP) County Voters Shall be Processed as Follows.  These voters are Rockdale County voters who have showed up at the Incorrect Polling Place:

    • If Out of Precinct Provisional Ballot is Cast BEFORE 5PM – Provisional Ballot Will Not Count.  Voter must go to their Assigned Polling Place for their Ballot to Count.  If voter insists on voting in the Incorrect Precinct, they must be issued the Provisional Ballot (use Provisional Code OP) and must also Complete a Provisional Ballot Affidavit (see affidavit information below).
    • If Out of Precinct Provisional Ballot is Cast FROM 5PM – 7PM – Provisional Ballot Will Count.  Use Provisional Code OP and the voter must complete the Provisional Ballot Out of Precinct Affidavit (see below).

IN ADDITION, ALL VOTERS CASTING A PROVISIONAL BALLOT MUST COMPLETE A “PROVISIONAL BALLOT OUT OF PRECINCT AFFIDAVIT” FORM – Only Out of Precinct Provisional Voters must complete a Provisional Ballot Out of Precinct Affidavit swearing or affirming that they are unable to go to their assigned Polling Place and the Reason.