Leadership Team

Corey K. Hambrick, Chief of Staff

Jennifer Rutledge, Director of Legislative Affairs/County Clerk

Brian Allen, Transportation

Todd Cosby, Stormwater Management

Jorge Diez, Public Relations

Terrell Gibbs, Rockdale Water Resources

Toni Holmes, Talent Management

Kc Krzic, Planning & Development

Roselyn Miller, Finance

Chief Dan Morgan, Fire-Rescue

Sue Sanders, Recreation & Maintenance

Will Barkley, Board of Assessors

Cynthia Welch, Elections

Al Yelverton, Technology Services

The directors of all County-run departments, with the exception of those headed by elected officials, report directly to the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners.

Each member of the leadership team brings to Rockdale County a wealth of knowledge and experience in their field of expertise. The Leadership Team upholds the Chairman’s vision to provide excellence in customer service to internal County departments, citizens and general community stakeholders.