Q.  What are the hours of operation?

A.   Monday—Friday 8 a.m. — 5 p.m. with the exception of recognized holidays.

Q.  Who do I contact if I have an emergency after hours?

A.   Please call Rockdale Water Resources Central Maintenance at 770-278-7500 to report any problems.

Q.  How much notice is required for new service or disconnecting service?

A.  Rockdale Water Resources requires a 24-hour notice to connect or disconnect services.

Q.  What is the  minimum residential bill?

A.  For 5/8″ residential meter base fees: for water service only is $14.63 per month, for water and sewer services is $29.26 per month.

Q.  When is my water bill due?

A.  RWR bills all customers on a monthly basis. The bills are due 20 days from the billing date. You can find the billing date and the due date on your monthly statement in the upper right hand corner. Also, refer to “How To Read Your Monthly Statement” in the sub menu on this site.

Q.  Can I set up auto-draft payments in the self service payment portal?

A.  Yes.  Auto-draft can be set up for any type of payment.

Q.  Can I set up E-Billing/Paperless Billing in the self service payment portal?

A.  Yes.  E-Billing is available by signing up for Paperless Billing in the payment portal.

Q.  Can I set up more than one account under one user name in the self service payment portal?

A.  Yes.  The self service portal will allow for multiple accounts to be viewed and paid within a single sign on after the initial set up is complete.

Q.  Do I need to be at home to have my new water service connected?

A. Customers do not have to be at home for service to be connected, but we do need for you to make sure all faucets are in the off position. Rockdale Water Resources will not leave the water meter on if there is dial movement when the service is connected. We will leave a door tag for the customer to contact Customer Service.

Q.  What documents are required to start new service?

A. All new services require a new service application along with a landlord lease agreement, real estate broker firm, lease agreement or settlement estate. We also require current photo identification.

Q.  My water service was disconnected due to non-payment on my account. Can I turn the water back on myself?

A. No. Rockdale Water Resources requires that once service has been disconnected due to non-payment, the customer must pay the outstanding balance on the account, including administrative fees and  an additional deposit. Checks are not accepted for this type of service. Payments must be made with certified funds—credit/debit card, money order or cash. Anyone caught removing the RWR lock from a meter will be fined $260 for the first offense and $500 for each additional offense.

Q.  I had a water leak and didn’t use the water.  Why do I have to pay for this water?

A.  Rockdale Water Resources requires that all water meters be read every month and that each account be updated with the reading for the month. If the residence or business has experienced a water leak, it is up to the resident or business to repair the leak. Once the leak has been repaired, the customer can bring the receipt for the repair to the Customer Service office. Rockdale Water Resources will review the account and determine if an adjustment is due to the account. There are significant costs in producing clean water and delivering it on a continuous basis to your home or business, therefore, any water that passes through your meter must be paid for.

Q.  Do we offer any programs for Senior Citizens?

A.  In order to assist our Senior Citizens (those who are age 62 or older) who may be on a fixed income, RWR has put in place a policy to bill our identified Senior Citizens on the 30th of the month. This billing date is scheduled to coincide with retirement or other sources of income they may receive around the first of every month. To be placed on our Senior Citizen billing plan, you must visit the Customer Service Office and provide identification. A customer service representative will be able to enroll you into our Senior Citizen plan.

Q&A  – Final Bill

Q.  What if I have an outstanding balance at RWR?

A.  All outstanding balances must be paid in full before RWR can start services at any location. The Customer Service Department can advise you how much you owe, if applicable.

Q.  What is a final bill?

A.  The final bill is issued once the meter has been read for the last time (either by the customer’s request or by disconnection for non pay). The final bill will reflect any outstanding amount due minus the deposit on the account, if applicable. The final bill is due and payable on the due date assigned.

Q.  Why didn’t I receive a refund?

A.  (1) If you did not receive a refund it is because your outstanding balance was more than the amount of the deposit on your account. Always review your Final bill to verify if there are any amounts owed. (2) If you know you overpaid the account and should receive a refund check or you owed less than your deposit, please allow 4-6 weeks to receive the refund check. (3) There was no forwarding address on file.

Q.  What do I need to do if  I am moving out of Rockdale County?

A.  If you are moving our of Rockdale County contact the Customer Service Department to finalize your services. Once Customer Service has identified your identity they will process a service order to get the final read on the meter, per the date you are moving out. At the same time, provide Customer Service with your new updated mailing address so Rockdale Water Resources can be assured you receive your Final bill and any funds that are owed to you, if applicable.

Q.  What do i need to do if my account has been sent to a third party collection agency?

A.  If your account has been sent to a third party collection agency, you need to contact the agency and pay the account in full. The agency will contact RWR to confirm you made the payment. Again, all outstanding balances must be paid in full before you can open a new account with RWR. If you do not have the phone number to the third party agency or your account number, please contact Customer Service at 770-278-7400.