Tips for Leak / Pool Adjustment Process

Helpful Tips for Water/Sewer Adjustments 

As a courtesy to our customers, RWR will review a customer’s request for an adjustment due to a leak on the customer’s side of the meter.  However, please keep in mind that water/sewer adjustments will be made only in unusual circumstances per County Ordinance No. 0-200-31.  To be considered for a leak adjustment, the following requirements must be met:

  • To reduce your overall cost involved which includes repair & billing, leak should be repaired within sixty days.
  • Request for adjustments should be made as soon as the leak is repaired.  This could ensure a timely adjustment review.
  • Once adjustments are submitted to Customer Service it may take 2-3 billings cycles for your adjustment to be approved and processed.  The usage must be back to normal before any reviews are completed.
  • The adjustment can only be made for the two (2) most recent billings regardless of the duration of the leak.
  • Customer is responsible for maintaining full payment of balance due or payment arrangements until request is granted or denial of request is made.
  • Any payments not paid by the due date will subject the account to a late penalty and or termination of service.

Helpful Tips for Pool Adjustment Process

  •  Pool adjustments are only for the wastewater portion of the billing.  You are responsible for 100% of the water portion of the bill for filling the pool.
  • Customer must make contact with RWR Customer Service department before filling the swimming pool to provide the reading on the meter prior to filling the pool.
  • All wastewater usage will be billed based on the water consumption.
  • The adjustment is credited to the customer’s account and will not be considered a refund.
  • The adjustment will only be applied once per year per customer.
  • The adjustment for wastewater will be applied to the account on the preceeding billing cycle.