Reduce Leaks in Your Home

On average, metro Atlanta single family households lose 11 percent of their billed water to leaks. Check for leaks within your house by first turning off all water-using fixtures. Then check the meter dial for any movement. If the meter is moving when all the water in the house is turned off, you have a leak somewhere in your home. Also, any sudden increases in your water bill may indicate a leak.


Water marks on floors, walls, or ceiling can indicate indoor pipe leakage. Outside, standing water on the ground or on pavement when there has been no rain can indicate a broken underground pipe.


Check for toliet leaks by putting some food coloring or dye tablets in the tank. Wait 30 minutes. DO NOT FLUSH THE TOILET. If the water in the bowl changes color, you have a leak.


Simple observation can tell you if you have a bathtub or sink faucet leak. All those drips can add up, so if you see on, replace worn washers and value seals as soon as possible.

For more information on detecting leaks in the home, Rockdale Water Resources customers may pick up a free “Do it yourself Household Water Assessment” worksheet at Customer Service or Click Here for the worksheet.  Household Water Assessment Worksheet