Leak and Pool Adjustment Information

 Leak / Pool Adjustment Request Form  (click here for form –  Leak Adj. Form 09 27 2017)     

To view/print the entire ordinance regarding adjustments, please click here: Ordinances

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The following regulations shall apply to customers seeking adjustments for water and wastewater charges billed:

1.  Water bill adjustments for broken water lines and leaks.

  •  In cases where it is clear and evident that water usage as reflected by a monthly meter reading is not indicative of water used due to an unusual circumstance, the Board of Commissioners, or the authorized represenative may authorize an adjustment of one-half the usage in excess of the average bill.
  • The adjustment can only be made for the two most recent billings regardless of the duration of the leak.
  • Leak adjustments will only be given for broken water lines and meter leaks on the customer’s side of the meter.
  • Receipts, invoices or statements that support service needed to repair the leak in question shall be presented to Rockdale Water Resources Customer Service to be considered for an adjustment for said repairs.

2. Wastewater adjustments for filling swimming pools.

  • The Board of Commissioners or the authorized represenative may authorize a wastwater usage credit for the filling of a swimming pool.
  • Customer must contact Rockdale Water Resources Customer Service before the filling of the swimming pool to establish a date for filling the swimming pool.
  • There shall be a difference of a minimum of 4,000 gallons from the billing for the month the swimming pool is filled and the average billing for the past 12 months.
  • All wastewater usage will be billed that is related to water consumption.
  • An adjustment for the wastewater billed will be applied to the account for that water volume used to fill the swimming pool.
  • The adjustment is credited to the customers account and will not be considered a refund.
  • The adjustment will only be applied on time each year per customer. Billing for the water and wastewater utilized for filling of a swimming pool will occur on the following billing cycle.
  • The adjustment for wastewater will be applied to the account on the proceeding billing cycle.

Important information regarding leaks:

  • The customer is responsible for leaks on their side of the meter. This includes leaks in service lines, swimming pools, toilets and irrigation systems.
  • Rockdale Water Resources can not provide leak detection on personal property – that is the responsibility of the homeowner.
  • Partial adjustments may be provided for leaks that are found and repaired by the customer. RWR will only allow a partial adjustment for the two most recent high bills. Payments still need to be made during this time. Usage must go back to normal before an adjustment can be considered. The customer must submit all receipts and invoices for the repair and complete a Rockdale Water Resources Leak Adjustment form. The form is available online and at RWR Customer Service located at 958 Milstead Ave.