Rockdale 23


Public Relations operates an in-house television production studio and utilizes the government access channel on cable television to broadcast informational programs on County projects, issues and events. The government access channel in Rockdale County is on Comcast cable channel 23. Rockdale 23  airs government-related and public interest/education videos. test3Viewers must be Comcast cable subscribers to receive the channel.

The line-up on Rockdale 23 varies from week to week and includes programs produced within the studio on timely topics, as well as shows taped in the field, test1such as town hall meetings and public hearings that the Board of Commissioners hosts. A government bulletin board runs in between shows, providing viewers with such information as job openings, road closures, volunteer opportunities, and meeting schedules.

The Rockdale 23 studio is located in the Rockdale County Administration and Services Building. It was made possible in 1996 by corporate and private sponsorships that funded the bulk of the department’s video production equipment.

You can watch the videos produced by Rockdale 23 by clicking on the specific topics in the left hand column of this page or by going to our Vimeo site at

If you have questions or would like to learn more about Rockdale 23, such as its programming, goals and schedule, please call the County’s Public Relations department at 770-278-7050.

You can also review its Programming and Operational Guidelines by clicking here: Rockdale 23 Programming and Operational Guidelines