Community Compliance

Community Services

The Community Service Program was created to provide a structured, positive and community focused restitution program for offenders who have been mandated by the courts to perform community service hours for infractions such as DUI, traffic violations, and various other misdemeanor violations.

Policies & Information

Workers will report to 2570 Old Covington Highway, Conyers, GA 30012 to sign up and work in the program. There is no need to make an appointment. Workers must choose the day that they wish to work and report at 7:15 a.m. Workers must be able to work a full eight-hour day. Workers will be asked to provide a driver’s license or other state approved picture ID, the name of their probation officer or assigning agency, and must bring the hours log given by their probation officer or assigning agency.

  1. The probationer is responsible for own transportation to/from Community Service. Transportation to/from the work sites is provided during the day.
  2. The probationer is responsible for own lunch.
  3. The following dress code is enforced: no shorts above the knee, tank tops, tube tops, excessively baggy clothing or any other inappropriate attire is permitted.  Recommend to dress for the weather as most work will be completed outdoors.
  4. Any required safely equipment such as safety vests, protective eye wear, etc. will be provided.
  5. This facility is open on cold, hot, and rainy days; rainy days will have limited space availability and will be first come, first served.
  6. This is a WORK program requiring average physical activities such as walking, bending and lifting (10 lbs. or less). The following is an example of the types of work that may be performed on this program: Roadside Litter Pickup; grounds maintenance, janitorial duties at Rockdale County Parks, public buildings, and Animal Control.
  7. If probationers cannot perform the duties listed under item number six, then they need to contact their probation officer to find other community service opportunities.
  8. The above information is general, more specific policies will be provided by the coordinator or supervisor.
  9. Rockdale County Community Service provides probationers an opportunity to satisfy the Court’s requirements of mandated community service work. The probationer will be required to sign forms of compliance and release of liability on the part of Rockdale County.


Contact Us

Community Compliance

2570 Old Covington Highway

Conyers, GA 30012

Telephone: 770-278-7103

Fax: 770-278-8924



Michelle Sinclair




Lester Perkins



Hours of Operation

Monday – Saturday, 7:15 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.


Driving Directions

  • From I-20 East – get off exit 78 and make a left onto Sigman Road. Go over bridge, stay straight through the first light, and at second light make left on to Old Covington Highway. Building is on the left approximately  1 ½ miles from the light.
  • From I-20 West – get off exit 78 and make a right onto Sigman Road. At the next traffic light, make the left onto Old Covington Highway. Building is on the left approximately  1 ½ miles from the light.