Non-Profit Organization Registration

Annual registration is mandatory for all nonprofit organizations (Code Section 86-35).

The County has an obligation to ensure that non-profit facilities are inspected for zoning compliance, building and life-safety codes, making sure that the building is safe and appropriate for the use. Previously, non-profits could occupy a facility without any notice to the county, which resulted in people gathering in buildings that were unsafe or inadequate for the type of occupancy.


Who must register?

All nonprofit organizations formed to carry out services to the benefit of the general public, including:

  • Places of worship
  • Political campaign committees
  • Charitable organizations
  • Neighborhood associations
  • Amateur sports clubs

The application process begins with verification by the Department of Planning & Development to ensure the use is permitted in the proposed location, based on the type of occupancy.

Non-residential properties may require a compliance inspection. Once the application is filed, the Department will determine if a compliance inspection is required.


Compliance Inspection Process

If a compliance inspection is required, following review and approval of the application by appropriate departments (i.e. Fire, Environmental Health, Water Resources), a compliance inspection will be conducted by building inspections and the Fire Department to ensure safety.  The inspection fee is $50.

After all inspections are signed-off, the non-profit registration certificate will be issued.  Typically the process takes 7-10 days.


Administrative Processing Fee

The processing fee is $10, payable by check, credit card or exact cash.

The registration is valid January 1 and expires on December 31  of each year.  Annual renewal notices are sent towards the end of the year and are due by December 31.