Student Talent Development Program

Student Talent Development Program

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Internship Program

Rockdale County Government will offer a supervised on-site/remote learning experience.  The primary purpose of the internship is to provide exposure to students and an opportunity for the student to potentially apply coursework knowledge in a real work setting.

This is an unpaid internship with the opportunity for a great learning experience.  Credit may be available depending on your academic program and/or your high school, university or college.

Program Dates for Internship Program

 Summer – Month of June – July (8 week program)

Student scheduling – flexible pending student’s schedule/availability (not to exceed 20 hours per week based on class schedule)

Fall Semester – Month of August – December (16 week program)

Student scheduling – flexible pending student’s schedule/availability (not to exceed 20 hours per week based on class schedule)

 Winter/Spring Semester – Month of January – May (16 week program)

Student scheduling – flexible pending student’s schedule/availability (not to exceed 20 hours per week based on class schedule)

Rockdale County Government will offer an Intern the following:

  •  Allows a student to test what they have learned in the classroom in a real work setting
  • Helps the student in their career decision-making
  • Facilitates networking contact, potentially establishing mentoring relationships
  • Enhance student’s skills and abilities
  • Teach effective job search, resume writing and interviewing techniques
  • Give the competitive edge in employment after graduation, since many employers look for relevant work experience

 An Intern with Rockdale County Government should expect the following:

 Students who demonstrate a high level of interest, motivation, and take advantage of learning opportunities tend to gain the most from an internship.  It is very important to maintain good communication with your supervisor/mentor and co-workers to obtain as much feedback as possible on your work performance.  Be enthusiastic and have a positive attitude towards the work activities that you perform.  You may also be given a final evaluation of your performance that can be used as part of your career development plan depending on your internship program assignment.

Learning Objectives for a Rockdale County Intern will include the following:

  • Students should understand the activities that are essential to providing public services, as well as the development of programs that provide innovative leadership.
  • They should develop strong skills in problem solving and decision making as well as the implementation of governmental policies and strategies.
  • They should understand fundamental terms, concepts, theories for contemporary government initiatives, as well as their applications
  • They should develop an understanding of basic terms and concepts of human behavior that are relevant for employees, constituents and staff.
  • They should understand how major concepts are relevant for government initiatives in a growing environment where influences are based on cultural, social, political, legal and economic factors.
  • They should develop an understanding of current research techniques to obtain information for effective organizational development decisions.
  • They should also develop an understanding for strategy, concepts and techniques in the total county government organization with an emphasis on the following departments/offices:
    • Board of Commissioners
    • Elections
    • Public Relations
    • Finance
    • Human Resources
    • Recreation and Maintenance
    • Fire & Rescue
    • MIS
    • RDOT
    • RWR
    • Tax Commissioner
    • Magistrate
    • Clerk of Courts
    • District Attorney
    • Public Defenders Office
    • Sherriff’s Office
    • State Court
    • Superior Court
    • Planning and Development
    • Accountability Court

Shadow Day Program

Program Overview

 Rockdale County Government will provide a Shadow day opportunity twice a year to coincide with Rockdale County Board of Education Annual School Calendar dates for:

October – Fall Break

February – Winter Break

Snacks and Lunch will be provided for Shadow Day dates

The Job Shadow Program offers college or high school students the opportunity to preview county government by spending one work day on site, and because the Job Shadow Program is held over the Rockdale County official school breaks, there are no conflicts with classes. This program offers schools an opportunity to expose their students to different career choices in county government.  The county will select the day, determine the agenda for the visit, and the number of students to host. Students apply for the Job Shadow opportunities via the Rockdale County website and the county departments/offices will review applicants to determine the number of students they can host for a Job Shadow opportunity based on department and Rockdale County staff availability.

All departments/offices will be open to students pursuing all majors and/or interests, as there may be a number of students who are still exploring career possibilities.  Students are responsible for transportation.

Benefits of the Rockdale County Shadow Day Program are as follows:

  • Goodwill in the community by exposing students to county government culture, opportunities, and new technologies.
  • Present what professionals in Rockdale County do on a daily basis, and their daily challenges.
  • Allows Rockdale County to get a head start in identifying potential candidates early in their college career.
  • Provide students a chance to gain exposure to specific applications of their major and career interests.

Volunteer Program

Work with local high schools and community organizations for student based programs looking to gain volunteer hours based on Rockdale County Board of Education annual school calendar.

Program implementation

The County reserves the right to delete, modify, amend or terminate this program at any time, with or without prior notice.

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