Health Department

Health Department


The Rockdale County Health Department has high-quality programs that serve the needs of the entire family. Services provided by the clinic are:

• Child Immunizations • Adult Immunizations
• Children 1st • STD Testing, Treatment and Follow-up
• School Screenings (Form 3231 & 3300) • HIV testing
• Teen Services • Women, Infants and Children (WIC)
• Family Planning • Travel Immunizations
• DNA/Lab Tests • Cancer Screenings
• Pregnancy and Prenatal Related Services

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Telephone:  770-785-4345



Environmental Health

The Environmental Health Department is a state-run agency that partners with Rockdale County to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public.

Environmental Health issues permits for, and inspects, the following: The department’s environmentalists respond to phoned in complaints regarding:
• Food service establishments (restaurants, cafeterias, cafes, etc.) • Certain nuisances caused by animals, not covered by Animal Control
• Individual sewage systems (septic tanks and drain fields) • Food service
• Tourist accommodations • Insects and rodents (rats, mice, flies, fleas, and mosquitoes)
• Public swimming pools • Leaking sewage
• Body art studios • Swimming pools
• Motels/hotels

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Telephone: 770-278-7340