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Jacob Wolfe, Rockdale County Cooperative Extension Agent for Agriculture and Natural Resources

Jacob is our New Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) Agent.  Jacob received his Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and went on to obtain a Masters of Plant Protection and Pesticide Management, at the University of Georgia. Jacob is very passionate about natural resource conservation and teaching others about agriculture topics.

He is excited about the opportunity to serve as an ANR Agent and is pleased to be serving the citizens of Rockdale County as their UGA County Extension Agent for agriculture and natural resources.

Give him a call, or write him an email if you have any questions related to agriculture or natural resources.


master gard3Georgia Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Program

The Georgia Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Program is a volunteer training program offered through the county offices of UGA Extension. Through this program individuals are trained and certified in home horticulture, gardening, and related areas. These individuals, in turn, volunteer their expertise and services, under the direction of the Extension, to help others through horticultural projects that benefit the community. Georgia Master Gardener Extension Volunteers bring the latest horticultural information and practices from the world of research to their communities’ landscapes and gardens; making life better for citizens in Rockdale County.

Become a Master Gardener

Course dates: January – March (each year)
Applications: Accepted each year Sept. 1- Oct. 31
Cost: $ 120.00

Application Packet for 2018:

Welcome Letter – contains dates for 2018 class
General Role Description

The training classes will be taught at the UGA Extension Office in Henry County beginning in January 2018 and going through the first of April one day a week from early morning to afternoon.  Applicants are required to attend class and pass a mid-term and final exam.  Interns will be assigned to help with one of our on-going projects in 2018.

Applicants must pass a University of Georgia Volunteer background check and follow UGA Extension policies and procedures.

Contact the Rockdale County Extension Office @ 770-278-7373 for more information.


soil testSoil Testing

Let’s begin with a soil test. So many times clients come in our office with questions about their lawn, garden, trees, etc. and we always suggest that we start with the base (soil test). Here is a link that will assist you gathering your sample. Soil testing in Georgia. It is not necessary to come by and pick up the bags first. You may bring your dry sample into our office in plastic bags, cups, or any kind of container. We will transfer it over to a UGA soil bag. Bring in 2 cups of dry soil. The cost per sample is $8.00 (cash or check) and the results are either mailed or emailed. We are open Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm and do not close for lunch. Sorry, we do not mail out soil bags but you can mail in your sample.

Soil Testing the Easy Way – YouTube

The Rockdale Gardener Blog

Please check in on our Rockdale Gardener Blog regularly to learn more about gardening and educational events at your Rockdale County Extension Office.

weatherWhat’s the weather going to be today?

Click on the link and find out today’s weather and much more. Perhaps the forecast can help with your gardening chores and landscaping plans. The site also tells you the current soil temperature. Here is the link – Check it out –


The UGA Center for Urban Agriculture

Gardeners can find great information at the UGA Center for Urban Agriculture Web site.

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