SPLOST Subcommittees


Chairperson: Fred Straub

The Finance Subcommittee works along with the county’s Finance Department to ensure that revenues collected by the state are properly allocated to the SPLOST budget and monitors the subcommittees’ budgets. The committee and Finance Department publish the official quarterly SPLOST collection report containing the collections and the debt service requirement.



Chairperson: Mike Houchard

The Transportation Subcommittee works with the Rockdale Department of Transportation to identify and make improvements to roadways including resurfacing, maintenance, widening, and other enhancements.



Chairperson: Charles Staples

The Sheriff Subcommittee works as an advisory board for SPLOST public safety projects. This committee, alongside the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office, makes suggestions to the SPLOST Oversight Committee for allocation to fund public safety projects.


Fire and 911

Chairperson: Bill Hughey

The Fire and 911 Subcommittee is in charge of making suggestions for improvement to the 911 systems and Rockdale County Fire-Rescue to ensure the safety of citizens.


Parks and Recreation

Chairperson: Craig McCullough

The Parks and Recreation Subcommittee works with the county’s Recreation and Maintenance Department to use SPLOST funding for park improvements. These projects include facility renovations, landscaping, and improvements to the trail system.



Chairperson: William Campbell

The Water Subcommittee works along with Rockdale Water Resources to make improvements to the county’s water systems. The subcommittee makes suggestions to the Oversight Committee for approval of several types of projects including repairing and replacing pipes and improving leakage problems with the water and sewerage systems.



Chairperson: Christina Heyman

The Communications Subcommittee works with the county to disseminate information about the Oversight Committee and subcommittees, to inform citizens about community projects, and to share other SPLOST related information with Rockdale residents.

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