For Immediate Release

May 12, 2022


Rockdale County EMA to partner with Dr. Doreen Williams, Commissioner Post 2, to Focus on Community Resiliency and Disaster Preparedness

Rockdale County, Ga. – Rockdale County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) announced during their presentation at the Wednesday, May 11 Capital Improvement Planning Work Session that the department will focus on community resiliency as a part of the overall protection of the community when responding to disasters.

Within the initiative, EMA will focus on critical infrastructure and facilities that provide support and needed services to those in the community that would be determinantal to individuals and community if disrupted. These facilities include water distribution facilities, critical county buildings, community health facilities and other locations determined to be essential to providing services.

As a part of this plan, a committee will be formed to develop an outreach and educational plan to help the community become better able to withstand and continue to function during a disaster. This committee formed of several experts in emergency preparedness and community resiliency like representatives from the Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA), will also include Dr. Doreen Williams, Commissioner Post 2.

“I am excited to join forces with Director Morgan to ensure Rockdale County is prepared to handle any major or minor disaster that may come our way,” Commissioner Williams said. “Assessing needs, addressing necessary changes and educating our community are essential steps in the process of building community resiliency.”

Once crafted, EMA will distribute educational items, hold public meetings, and reach out directly to the facilities that are determined to be critical to community health and well-being.

This initiative could potentially make Rockdale County eligible for grant opportunities from the state and federal level for items related to community resiliency. More information is to come regarding this initiative. For more information about Rockdale County EMA, call 770-278-8405 or email