For Immediate Release

May 26, 2022


Contact: Melisa Mims, Director

Department of Public Relations

(770) 278-7056


Rockdale County appoints new Public Relations Director


ROCKDALE COUNTY, Ga. – Rockdale County Board of Commissioners (BOC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Melisa Mims as its new Public Relations Director.

Mims’s has more than 20 years of management experience, including strategic development and execution, an impressive history of planning and executing marketing campaigns, events and programs, and a deep passion for promoting community-based programs. Prior to her appointment, Mims served as the Community Relations Manager for the County.

“Our administration has fostered and created an employee workforce culture where career development and advancement are highly likely and obtainable. Melisa Mims is a natural born leader, a Rockdale resident, and an ‘active’ citizen who has a genuine interest in the future success of our community,” Chairman Oz Nesbitt, Sr. said of Mims. “We were able to seize the opportunity of already having Ms. Mims as a positive contributing member of our team while capturing her talents supported by her professional resume and credentials.”

Mims received her B.A. degree in Mass Communications from Savannah State University and her M.A. from the University of Colorado Rockies in Psychology with a specialty in Organizational Development. Mims also successfully completed the Leadership Rockdale program on Tuesday, May 24, the same day of her official appointment as Public Relations Director.

“Director Mims has her work cut out for her and I’m confident, she’ll embrace the challenge,” Chairman Oz Nesbitt, Sr. stated.

When Mims assumes the role June 1, she will be responsible for the County’s communication strategy, including public relations, web presence, social media, and government access channel Rockdale 23 as well as overseeing the overall administration, coordination, and function of the Public Relations Department.

For questions, Mims can be reached