For Immediate Release

Jan. 15, 2021


Rockdale County Implements Smoke Free Campus Policy Effective January 2021

 ROCKDALE COUNTY, Ga. – Rockdale County Board of Commissioners approved a resolution to adopt a Tobacco Free Campus Policy in November of 2020, in line with the Georgia Smokefree Air Act of 2005. Smoking has been prohibited at all Rockdale County Government facilities effective January of 2021. This policy is set in place to protect the citizens and employees of the County.

Creating a tobacco free environment in Rockdale County is a large step toward creating a work environment that promotes good health. Studies show that smokers spend approximately 40 minutes a day on smoke breaks. The adoption of a Tobacco Free Campus along with promoting healthy lifestyle habits through programing and diet can be beneficial for employees as well as being cost effective for employers.

World Health Organization (WHO), American Heart Association (AHA), Georgia Public Health Department (GPHD), Center for Disease Control (CDC) all delineate the benefits employee groups enjoy when implementing a tobacco free campus which include:

  • Reducing exposure to 2nd hand smoke
  • Enforcing a healthier more productive workforce
  • A possible decrease in health benefit premiums due to a decrease in smokers.
  • Lower risk of fire damage, accidents and occupational injuries.
  • A reduction in cleaning cost as it pertains to grounds maintenance.
  • Sets a precedent and good example to the community.

“Rockdale County is proud to be taking the steps to help maintain the health of our workers,” Chairman Oz Nesbitt, Sr. says. “Having adopted a Tobacco Free Campus Policy will hopefully help our employees who are smokers kick the habit as well as keep the air cleaner and fresher at all of our county facilities.”

For more information contact the Department of Talent Management at 770-278-7575.