The Rockdale County Board of Commissioners held a voting session on Tuesday, January 12, 2021 at the Rockdale Auditorium.

Following the invocation by Emergency Management Agency (EMA) Director Dan Morgan, and having no special presentations or unfinished business, the Board of Commissioners moved to vote on items on the regular agenda. 

The BOC acted on the following items from the agenda. 

  • Approved a grant from the Hospital Authority for hand sanitizer stations for County Facilities
  • Approved a grant and contract in relation to Board of Elections Expenses
  • Approved the donations of pet beds to EMA/Animal Control
  • The BOC approved several contracts for tests and equipment for Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office
  • Approved a contract to continue the Salem Gate Market/Old Salem Roadway Rehabilitation – Transportation Director John Moretto gave an update on what caused delays to the project and the plans to move forward.
  • Approved a resolution of intent to reimburse themselves for expenditures made with respect to Stormwater system with Proceeds of revenue bonds. This money can go back into general funds. Consultant Mac Underwood from SMC Terminus Group, Inc. explained how this would be possible.
  • Approved the resolution for the 2020 Annual Capital Improvements Element Update Report – Submittal to ARC for Regional and State Review.


Board Comments

Prior to the Board members making comments, Chairman Nesbitt called up several directors to give an update on their area of expertise.

  • Dan Morgan, EMA Director, gave a report about the current status of COVID in the community. The Chairman and Director Morgan will be holding a Clergy Call to better update members of the clergy to share this information with their congregations.
  • Sue Sanders, General Services Director, gave an update about the parks and trails. All trails, restrooms, outdoor courts and passive areas are open. Facility rentals are still suspended. Staff focusing on outdoor areas. Seniors are still being serviced through Meals on Wheels – they have served more than 55,000 meals during this time to seniors
  • James Cabe, Chief of Staff, gave his update about how he has hit the ground running and talked about how all the Commissioners are working collaboratively as well as an update of the projects he is currently working on.

Commissioner Sherri Washington congratulated Commissioner Williams on her new grandchild. She also congratulated John Ossoff an Raphael Warnock on their elections to the U.S. Senate. She introduced the town hall meeting about the new federal stimulus bill for small business owners she will be hosting with Commissioner Alana Sanders of Newton County. She also encouraged the community to participate in the virtual meeting for the roll out of the Advancing Rockdale Economic Development Strategy.

Commissioner Doreen Williams reflected on 2020 and discussed focusing on the bright moments, while tackling the hurdles the year brought about. She commended Chief Cabe for hitting the ground running. She also talked about how the pandemic has caused the loss of lives as well as how it has affected relationships with the need to social distance, however, hope is on the horizon. She also shared her views on economic development moving forward in the county, and to close out her comments she had Public Relations present video for the Stepping Up Initiative.

For his comments, Chairman Oz Nesbitt yielded to several other directors and departments to share updates.

  • Alice Cintron, Grant Writer, discussed getting feedback from local non-profits about operations or if they need assistance during COVID. They can reach out to her via email to provide services at The Chairman suggests she is on COVID Clergy Call.
  • Jorge Diez, Director of Public Relations, was called up t discuss Clergy Call. The call will occur Thurs., Jan. 21 at 2:30 p.m. It is the First COVID Clergy Call of 2021 to reconnect with everyone and share information coming up regarding COVID in a timely manner.

The Chairman mentioned the passing of Pastor Gunter at Victorious Life Church and encouraged everyone to keep his family and church members in prayer.

  • Marian McDaniel, Fire Chief, mentioned the upcoming Fire Safety Blitz in Lakeview Estates for Rockdale County Fire Rescue on Saturday, Jan. 16
  • Vaughn Jamison, Deputy Director of Rockdale Water Resources, gave an update on the relocation of Water Resources Customer Service as well as the relocation of the drop box. The new location is 940 S Main Street, Conyers 30012.

The Chairman gave a thank you to the Sheriff’s Office for additional security during this meeting. He also made mention of the Virtual State of the County address which will take place on March 18th, and will include both Commissioner Washington, Commissioner Williams and Chief Cabe.

  • Jennifer Rutledge, Director of Legislative Affairs/County Clerk, stated that the next meeting January 26 and going forward will return to full virtual format due to the current COVID numbers.

Following these remarks, the Chairman adjourned the meeting.

Upcoming Schedule:

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Holiday: Monday, January 18, 2021 – County Offices Closed

Zoning Public Hearing: Tuesday, January 26, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. – Virtual

Voting Session: Tuesday, January 26, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. – Virtual


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