For Immediate Release

July 31, 2020

ROCKDALE COUNTY, Ga. – Thanks to a motion passed by the Rockdale County Board of Commissioners, and in cooperation with the Georgia Department of Transportation, the five-way intersection at Klondike Road, McDaniel Road, and Hurst Road will be converted to a roundabout over the next year and half.

Pittman Construction will install the roundabout. This work will be completed through a $3.36 million-dollar project that was awarded on July 22 by the Rockdale County BOC.

The project will relocate Klondike Road to a new intersection approximately 500 feet south of the existing intersection.  Approximately 2500 feet of Klondike Road will be relocated as part of this project on both sides of the new intersection.   The relocated intersection will be constructed as a single-lane modern roundabout with a truck apron.  Additional roadway modifications to the area will also be constructed, as shown on the attached graphic rendering.  The total length of the project is 0.81 miles.

“We are very excited to see this type of project in our county as it will make a significant improvement to the traffic flow and safety for the intersection,” states John Moretto, P.E., Director of Rockdale County Transportation (RDOT).

For more information, please contact John Moretto, RDOT Director at