Members from the University of Georgia Extension presented information on a youth mental program to the Rockdale County Board of Commissioners.  BEAMS, Building Education Around Mental Services, event is for the youth of Rockdale County.  The program will offer youth with mental challenges self-care and coping mechanisms. The evening program will be held on Thursday, March 12, 2020 from 5:30- 8:00 pm at the Rockdale Career Academy. The event is open to the students in grades 6-12.   Registration is required.  Commissioner Doreen Williams says, “many children experienced childhood trauma that was not addressed and need an outlet to address self-care.”   Further information on the BEAMS event, call 770-278-7373.

Rockdale County Supervisor of Elections Cynthia Willingham provided an update on the election process in Rockdale County.  There are currently 61,657 active voters in the county and staff is initiating contact with 3,889 inactive voters to get them ready to vote in the upcoming elections.  The Board of Elections is available to attend HOAs, churches and community meetings to introduce residents to the new voting machines.  Coming soon to the Rockdale County website, residents will be able to find the nearest voting location, wait times to vote and a list of the local County Officials.  For further information on voting, the upcoming primaries and absentee voting, contact the Board of Elections at 770-278-7333.

Due to the RANSOM WARE incident, Rockdale County offices remain open for business.  As the rain moves in the area, the Rockdale County Fire Rescue and Emergency Management Agency are taking precautions to warn residents about potential flooding. 

Submit your questions for next Tuesday’s meeting beginning Friday at 11:00 am on the Rockdale County Government Facebook page.

Next Meeting:  BOC On the Road – February 18, 2020 @ 7:00 pm @ J. H. House Elementary School, 2930 GA-20, Conyers, GA 30012