For Immediate Release

Sept. 10, 2019


Rockdale County Planning and Development Rolls Out Its Business License Audit Campaign


ROCKDALE COUNTY, Ga. – On October 1, the Rockdale County Department of Planning and Development will begin taking a physical inventory of all the businesses operating inside Unincorporated Rockdale County through the door-to-door Business Audit Campaign. This campaign will help the department identify the types of businesses that serve the citizens of Rockdale as well as the vacancies and empty store fronts present in the county.

Business owners can expect a personal visit by staff from the Code Enforcement Division Team as they conduct field inspections. The team will be looking for the following items, as well as leaving notices and literature with the businesses as a reminder for license renewals for 2020.

  1. Is the address posted and visible.
  2. Is the signage permitted and in good condition.
  3. Is the exterior of the property clean and the building maintained in good repair.
  4. Is there a “current and posted” business license, alcohol license, tobacco license, etc.
  5. Are the correct lines of business being conducted.

The campaign will be conducted through the month of October until completion, with a compliance date of November 1, 2019.

For more information, contact the Rockdale County Code Enforcement Division at 770-278-7111 or