For Immediate Release

August 12, 2019


Electronics Recycling & Paper Shredding Event Planned for Rockdale County


ROCKDALE COUNTY, Ga. – Keep Conyers-Rockdale Beautiful (KCRB) is holding the second of the Electronics Recycling & Paper Shredding events in 2019 for Rockdale residents and business owners. The E-Recycling and Paper Shredding Event will be held Sat., September 7, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m., or until the shredding truck is full, in the parking lot of 1400 Parker Road, Conyers, 30094.

The free, half-day event will provide the public a place to safely discard and recycle old documents and electronics, regardless of working condition.

There is a maximum of 4 banker boxes per vehicle allowed for paper shredding, and participants must provide photo ID as proof of an address in the County for both shredding and recycling. Professional electronics recycling and paper shredding companies will securely handle all items on site under the close supervision of government staff.

Cash fees will apply to certain items for electronics recycling, including $25 each for TVs and $15 each for CRT monitors. All other electronics are free to recycle. The following is a list of items accepted/not accepted at the event.




Paper Shredding



Papers that are loose, folded or in envelopes.



Electronics Recycling

Desktops                                             CD-ROMS                                           Printers

Laptops /Tablets                                    Floppy drives                                       Fax machines

Servers                                                 Circuit boards                                      Copiers

Mainframes                                          Power supplies                                     Scanners

Network hubs                                       Hard drives                                          Typewriters

Network switches                                 UPS and UPS batteries                         Modems

Cell phones                                                   Stereos

Desktop phones and systems                 Lithium batteries                                  VCR

Keyboards/Mice                                   Car Batteries                                        Radios

Check processing                                Cable/Wire                                           DVD-players

Gaming consoles                                  Gaming controllers                               CD-players

LCD monitors                                     Toner/Inkjet cartridges                          Dock stations

Blu-Ray players



Paper Shredding

Papers containing foreign objects such as spring loader/binder clips or glue/adhesives


Hanging metal file folders

Three-ring binders


Electronics Recycling

Projection/Console TV’s                           Tires                                                     Coffee makers

Washer/Dryers                                         Toaster ovens                                       Freezers

Vacuum cleaners                                  De-Humidifiers                                        Blenders

Speakers (wooden)                               Gas-powered tools                                Mixers

Gas grill tanks                                          Household trash                                    Ovens

Battery-powered tools                               Microwave ovens                                 Hair dryers

Liquid-containing devices                     Radioactive material                             Ceiling fans

Alkaline batteries                                 Humidifiers                                          Refrigerators


With the Paper Shredding and E-Recycling event held in the spring, KCRB, the community and our vendors helped keep 1,000 lbs. of electronics and hazardous materials out of landfills and recycled nearly 8 tons of paper.

For more information, please contact KCRB at or 770-278-7052.