Rockdale Water Resources Propose Revised Customer Deposit Policy


For Immediate Release

May 1, 2019

ROCKDALE COUNTY, Ga. – Rockdale Water Resources (RWR) is proposing changes to the Customer Deposit Policy. These changes will be presented to the Board of Commissioners at the May 7 Work Session to be voted on at the May 14 meeting. These changes will affect both residential and commercial customers.

The proposed revised policy for residential customers is as follows:

  • Deposits for residential customers will be determined by a soft inquiry which doesn’t negatively impact the customer’s credit.
  • Depending on the inquiry, either no deposit is required or current standard deposit.
  • If a deposit is applicable, it is determined by meter size per rate schedule.
  • Deposits for customer with no valid state issued picture ID or social security number will pay a standard deposit which is not applied until account is terminated.
  • Deposit will be automatically applied to account after 12 months of no penalties, no disconnections and no returned checks, or otherwise applied to final bill, if applicable
  • This policy does not apply to any location participating in the Landlord Agreement Program

Immediately following BOC approval, a list of approved residential customers will be developed to begin applying deposit credit to their perspective accounts if no penalties, no disconnections and no returned checks exist.

A soft inquiry to determine if deposit is required, starts in June due to approval of additions to Online services contract.

The proposed revised policy for commercial customers states:

  • The deposit will be determined by meter size only.
  • A deposit refund will only be applied to account after terminating service and a refund check will be processed for any remaining credit balance and forwarded to address provided.

For more information contact Al Ford, RWR Customer Service General Manager, at 770-278-7416 or