Rockdale County Chairman Creates Rockdale Community Ambassadors


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November 1, 2017

Rockdale County Chairman Creates Rockdale Community Ambassadors

CONYERS, Ga. – 13 volunteers became Rockdale Community Ambassadors after attending and graduating from a Rockdale Community Ambassadors Workshop on Saturday, October 28th at the Johnson Park Recreation Center.

Rockdale County Chairman Oz Nesbitt, Sr. created the civic organization, Rockdale Community Ambassadors (RCA), to promote Rockdale County. The members of RCA consist of individuals that either reside or work in the City of Conyers or Rockdale County and have an interest in promoting the quality of life for the communities and citizens of the Rockdale County area. Ambassadors are to participate, be present and volunteer at as many community events with Rockdale County officials or on their behalf. The Chairman of the BOC appoints all of the ambassadors.

The following objectives were composed as guidelines for the organization: “To foster a partnership with and between the citizens of this community to promote Rockdale County as a desirable community to live, work, play and visit; to strive to inform, educate and generate positive attitudes toward Rockdale County and the Board of Commissioners; and to attend events throughout Rockdale County on behalf of county officials.”

The Rockdale Community Ambassadors are:

  • Connie Alsobrook
  • Paula Sims Ballard
  • Katie Beam
  • Everett Bevelle
  • Gwen Butler
  • Jessica Ivey
  • Keith Lamar, Sr.
  • Betty Maddox
  • Terry Moore
  • Jerry Sheppard
  • Daniel Whidby
  • Clara Whidby
  • Ivy Wroe

There are up to 20 seats for volunteer citizens every quarter, which Chairman Nesbitt, Sr. appoints to serve unlimited terms. Each ambassador will serve a minimum of at least 40 service hours in a calendar year, mainly at RCA Signature Events. RCA Signature Events include the State of the County, the Christmas Tree Lighting and county-wide sponsored events, such as the Great American Clean-up. RCA’s service areas are the Conyers and Rockdale County communities.

No ambassador shall receive, directly or indirectly, any compensation for time or service performed in accordance to their appointed duties.

For more information, please contact Sitarah Coote at

Rockdale Community Ambassadors and Lead Liaison, Sitarah Coote, pose for a picture during the Introductory Workshop.


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