Public Meeting Notice: RWR for Wastewater Treatment Improvements

Rockdale County Water Resources hereby gives notice that a public meeting will be held to discuss a wastewater treatment improvements project funded by Georgia’s Drinking Water State Revolving Fund on May 9, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. at Rockdale Water Resources-Engineering Department, at 1329 Portman Drive, Suite H, Conyers, GA 30094.

Rockdale County’s current system of treating wastewater at the Snapping Shoals Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP) is in need of immediate expansion to address wastewater treatment demand and provide effective management of wastewater flows. The upgrade of the existing Snapping Shoals Pump Station and existing WPCP are needed to meet demand for wastewater treatment services, maintain regulatory compliance, address system reliability needs, address residential and commercial growth, and meet the goals as outlined in the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District’s Wastewater Management Plan (May 2009 and Amendments) that defines long-term strategies for comprehensive wastewater management across the region. Rockdale County’s management of wastewater flows is necessary for protecting water resources and compliance with water quality standards and designated uses.

The proposed facility includes three new structures: an administration building, biological process and solids handling structure, and disinfection/parshall flume flow measurement structure. A new gravity sewer influent pipeline would be constructed to redirect the flow from the existing Snapping Shoals WPCP to the existing Snapping Shoals Pump Station and then ultimately pumped to the new Snapping Shoals WPCP. Additionally, dual power feed from separate utility company substations would be provided for backup power. Employee and visiting parking is proposed, along with appropriate ingress/egress for both employee vehicles and periodic truck traffic for solids handling disposal and maintenance requirements. For final treated effluent discharge to Snapping Shoals Creek, a new gravity discharge line from the parshall flume to a new discharge point (as approved by Georgia EPD in the new Waste Load Allocation) in Snapping Shoals Creek would be constructed. The total capital cost of the improvements is estimated at $19.3 million.

The purposes of the public meeting are to:

  • Inform the public of the need for improvements to Rockdale County’s Snapping Shoals Water Pollution Control Plant.
  • Comply with the requirements of the Georgia’s Rules for Safe Drinking Water and with the public participation requirements of Georgia’s Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Environmental Review Process.
  • Encourage public involvement in the development of a plan to improve the wastewater treatment system.

During the public meeting Rockdale County Water Resources will identify public preferences for alternative methods of improving the County’s wastewater treatment facilities at Snapping Shoals. These alternatives are evaluated and included in the Environmental Information Document, the major planning document addressing proposed changes to the WPCP. The Environmental Information Document is available for public inspection through the date of the public meeting at our Engineering Department office on 1329 Portman Drive, Suite H, Conyers, GA during normal business hours from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.or may be downloaded here.

Your participation is encouraged and considered essential to the selection and development

of the final plan to be adopted prior to its approval by the State of Georgia, Department of Natural Resources.

For additional information, contact Pavel Vayner, Rockdale County Water Resources, General Engineering Manager at 770-278-7432.