Chairman Nesbitt Names Lopez as Director of Community Affairs and Innovative Programs

CONYERS—Rockdale County Chairman Oz Nesbitt, Sr. has named Jorge Lopez, formerly the Director of Public Affairs for Unico Communications, as the County’s new Director of Community Affairs and Innovative Programming.

Chairman Nesbitt’s selection on the Board of Commissioners (BOC) 2/14/17 meeting agenda was given a unanimous vote. Lopez will begin his duties on 2/15/17.

“Mr. Lopez’s experience in television, mass media, and public affairs makes him a perfect fit to help move Rockdale forward and reach new potential,” Nesbitt said. “In addition, Mr. Lopez will help coordinate the relationships with economic development investors and partners, partner with local media to help shed light on what Rockdale offers, and help expand and re-develop Rockdale 23 Community Access Channel. Mr. Lopez is full of energy and anxious to hit the ground running.”

Lopez, 30, led Nesbitt’s campaign through a crowded field of primary opponents, the primary run-off, and the general election. Lopez helped an already grassroots team reach higher potential.

As Director of Community Affairs and Innovative Programming, Mr. Lopez will oversee the County’s communications and branding efforts, major event planning, crisis communications, the website, media relations, all social media pages, and government access channel Rockdale 23.

Lopez said he plans to use his experience from the journalism and the public affairs realm to help Rockdale show the world what it has to offer.

“Rockdale County each day grows in its potential in becoming the best suburb to Atlanta. I believe there is no better geographically located county in Georgia than Rockdale. The access to I-20 not only makes it easy and quick to get to Atlanta and the airport, but it’s also a middle point for 3 major research universities and two of Georgia’s largest populated cities. These incentives and more, along with a growing quality of life, make Rockdale the place to be,” Lopez said. “I was raised in Conyers, and this is personal to me. This is the opportunity for me to give back to Rockdale after all it’s given me throughout the years. I will not disappoint my community.”

Lopez began his career in local TV news after graduating from the University of Georgia. His first shot at TV with NBC in Atlanta led to his most recent reporting job with CBS in Augusta where he finished his tenure as the City Government Reporter. Currently, Mr. Lopez is the Public Affairs Director for Unico Communications, a full-service consulting firm serving diverse clients in multiple states.

Lopez also served as a public affairs consultant for America’s largest energy infrastructure company in North America, Kinder Morgan, Inc., on a billion dollar expansion project. Lopez has a proven record of success in political, media, governmental, and public affairs. He is a University of Georgia graduate with a degree in Digital and Broadcast Journalism (B.S.) and minor in Religion; along with (A.A.) from the University of North Georgia.

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